Building The Equipment The Cannabis And CBD Sectors Need

Krucial Extractions began as a pet project between a few friends to find ways to create equipment to correctly cultivate and then isolate elements from cannabis to create high quality CBD products. At first, of course, this equipment was for personal and amateur use, but as the US has quickly moved towards legalization in many states, we suddenly realized that we were experts in the field and ought to be taking the matter very seriously.

That is why this website is as it is. We are learning and growing as entrepreneurs and business owners daily, but we are not quite ready to launch our site and projects to the whole world. Therefore, for now,

We have purchased some equipment from the Krucial team for our operations and were amazed at just how good it is. Not only that, they guys were super helpful in cutting our learning curve so that we could make our own tests and trials here in Malta. 10/10

J Borg –

As a team and business we hope to launch fully into five US states within the next three months. We hope to be able to speak to you then.


Krucial Extractions